Behind "A Guide to 3D Printing"

All the behind-the-scenes work of the "A Guide to 3D Printing" bundle.

August 17, 2023 0 min Harvey Lim


A complementary thoughtbook to the TTMS Project

July 24, 2023 0 min Harvey Lim

Previous Site Attempts

If you haven’t already checked out the about site page, please read it first for some context. Attempt 1: Wordpress Link to Wordpress. When one usually looks to create a website as a complete newbie to the web development space, the first results usually tend to be either website services like Squarespace or Wix, or Wordpress (the open source web content management system, not the hosting service). Squarespace and Wix felt a little bit restrictive in terms of what type of content I could create with it, which made me attempt to work with Wordpress....

June 22, 2023 4 min Harvey Lim