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Hi! I’m Harvey Lim, a 3rd-year student at Aalto University. I also go by “rv” or “shzhe02” online.

This website is for documenting my personal projects and general blogging.

Hope you find something interesting!

[5] Final Report - End of Exchange

This is going to be a really long, detailed report about my exchange semester at NUS. Some parts are just about administrative processes and paperwork, which may be boring, so feel free to skip and read as needed. I’m simply going into a lot of detail as I myself wished I had known everything about what to expect before my exchange. Also, get ready to remember a whole lot of abbreviations....

July 9, 2024 24 min Harvey Lim

[2024] To Learn

Unless stated otherwise, checking off a learning goal involves completing a project using the thing that is learnt. Tech-related General Launch 1 project Launch 2 projects Launch 3 projects Create an app that includes some kind of chat functionality Create an IoT enabled device (Alarm clock with wireless connectivity?) Web Development General Set up a reverse proxy Run multiple services on one machine. Frontend Svelte Vue HTMX Hugo templates Backend ScyllaDB Utilize Pocketbase to develop an app Learn about database security and encryption Build a basic backend in Go Build a basic backend in Rust Automation Tools Create a backend that can be deployed with a single docker/podman compose file Learn to use GitHub actions for CI Use CD to automatically create releases Embedded Design and commission a PCB relying on a RP2040 board Design and commission a PCB relying on a nRF52840 board Design and commission a PCB relying on an ESP32S3 board Design and commission a PCB relying on a ESP32C6 board Implement a parallel adder in SystemVerilog Implement an ALU in SystemVerilog Design a simple CPU in SystemVerilog Simulate a SystemVerilog design using a Verilog emulator (like Verilator) Low-level Programming Microcontrollers Learn to write bare-metal code using C++ Learn to write bare-metal code using Rust Learn how USB works GPU Programming Draw a triangle using Vulkan/Vulkano Use GLSL to implement a shader Implement any algorithm on the GPU using Vulkan Learn about Vulkan Kompute

April 11, 2024 2 min Harvey Lim

[Apr 2024] Japan

Update: Completed 42/60, 70% Food Tsukemen Gyudon Ramen Onigiri Cup ramen Bento Karaage Katsudon Japanese curry Takoyaki Conveyor belt sushi Okonomiyaki Grilled fish Sashimi Onsen egg All-you-can-eat KFC Any buffet Gyoza Wankosoba Chawanmushi Energy jelly Sukiyaki Drinks Matcha Experiences Take a shinkansen Eat an ekiben on a shinkansen Take a train Get a meal from a konbini Get onigiri from an onigiri store (not konbini) Sleep in a capsule hotel Use a foot bath Use a bidet Karaoke Walk around a city park Hike up Takao-san (Mt....

March 26, 2024 1 min Harvey Lim

[Jan-May 2024] Singapore/Malaysia

Update: Completed 59/67, 88% Food Nasi lemak Mee goreng Roti prata Roti canai Fried rice Chicken rice Ramen Biriyani Rice covered with cheese Sushi (of any kind) Bibimbap Cup ramen (of any kind) Satay Dim sum Xiao long bao Tempura Maggi goreng Curry (of any kind) Chicken curry (of any kind) with rice Katsudon Fried chicken (KFC) Fried chicken (Jollibee) Duck rice Ban mee (any dish) Chee cheong fun Asam laksa Rendang (of any kind) Kuih (of any kind) Pei dan juk Otak-otak Char kway teow Kaya toast + half-boiled egg Ais kachang Pizza (of any kind) Mushroom soup (the canned kind?...

March 26, 2024 2 min Harvey Lim

[4] If I were to do it all over again...

There were many things I wish I did differently for my exchange, so I’ve decided to break down everything I would do or wish I’d known if I were to do this all over again. Pre-departure Glossary: SEA: Southeast Asian EA: Eastern Asian AC: Air Conditioning OSE: Offsite Enrollment IPA: In-principle Approval NIR: National Immunisation Registry Course Selection Check NUSMods for course reviews by previous local students to get a grasp of what the courses are like....

March 1, 2024 10 min Harvey Lim

[2] Initial UI Planning

Warning: I am not a UI/UX designer. I haven’t learnt anything formally, so my method of designing interfaces is essentially: Make sure I can figure out how to use it fairly intuitively Make it not look like an eyesore Design 0.1: Paper Sketch As I am not very familiar with design software, I decided to go with my most comfortable design medium: pen and paper. Here’s my initial design. (Pardon the illegible handwriting) I hope that got the message across....

January 26, 2024 2 min Harvey Lim

[1] Goals

When I tried to use habit trackers, they actually worked for the first couple weeks. However, I soon noticed a few shortcomings with some habit trackers: Gamifying habit tracking doesn’t seem to work for me, as it abstracts away the actual habit a bit too far away. If my goal is to play a game, doing the habit itself feels like a chore. I want my habit tracker to be very in-touch with reality....

January 26, 2024 4 min Harvey Lim

[3] Academic Matters

Course Selection At Aalto, our course selection process simply involves checking Sisu (our course management system) and registering for courses during their registration period. They rarely check for prerequisites, and it’s almost guaranteed to get any course you need. Registering for exercise sessions is done alongside the course registration; you simply select which exercise group you wish to be in as part of the course registration process. It sounds a little complicated, but in reality, it involves ticking a few checkboxes before hitting the “register” button....

January 21, 2024 4 min Harvey Lim

[2] Post-arrival

Landing After landing in Singapore, I went to pick up my SIM card from one of Singtel’s pickup points. Upon picking up my SIM, the person working at the kiosk also offered to sell me a NETS card. Transport/General-use Prepaid Cards Singapore has a couple prepaid cards they use. These cards are usually used for public transport, but some of the types of cards can be used elsewhere for paying for other things....

January 21, 2024 4 min Harvey Lim

[1] Pre-departure

Applying In January 2023, I applied to go on an exchange semester at the National University of Singapore (NUS) for spring of 2024. It was a all-in decision, as in that if I didn’t get the opportunity, I wouldn’t go on exchange at all. Luckily, my application was successful and I was nominated to go on the exchange by my home university, despite NUS being the second most applied to exchange destination at Aalto....

January 18, 2024 4 min Harvey Lim